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" Sow the plants in early September"
20th September 2016
As we enter the last ten days of September we can look back on a month of ups and downs in our lives, a month of fresh starts changes happiness and heartbreak. But its important to remember that tomorrow is a brand new day and a chance to start anew, with fresh challenges and obstacles we face in our lives.

Card of the day.

The Emperor, An authorative figure and leader. Its important at this time that whatever situation you are facing, be it personal isses or relationships or any aspect in your life it's good to esablish authority of your own and a firm ground on which you stand. Don't be afraid to turn to those loved ones who have raised you with their own authority for guidance for their wisdom and experience may help you all the while. Even for yourself its good for your own progression because the chaos that may appear around you calm will not be far behind. Enjoy your assertiveness and self control, but remain focused and concentrate on what you want for yourself and for your family, and be that role model and leader you need to be but be aware in your focus on your goal and try to avoid showing weakness and self doubt.

round moon drips
on slaughtered
corn fields

Summer squeezed
to pulp

chill and orange
and yellow and red
through early
evening trees

Wheat grasped
baled and stacked
looms on the horizon.
09th March 2016
Did you know that Aromatherapy was used as far back as the Egyptians and through the ages.
It was introduced into Europe by a man called Gattefosse in the 1930, purely by accident. He badly burned his hand and put it into a vat of Lavender oil, which helped in the healing process.
Many of you may have heard of Robert Tisserand who is now a leading aromatherapist and who has many books out on the subject.

Aromatherapy works on the smell. It can bring back happy memories of years gone by.
The essential oils can be used in so many ways... can be used in the bath, diffusers and carried in carrier oils for massage.

Aromatherapists are taught how to blend different oils to help with their clients well being, be it mental or physical. The essential oils can work for both.

Essential oils are also used in perfumes. They have top, middle and base notes.
The top notes you can smell straight away.. the middle notes come in an a hour or so later and the base notes are the ones you can smell later on in the day.

You find essential oils used everywhere.. in washing products, in your soaps, shampoos and conditioners.

You cannot get a better use than a massage. The oils are carried around in your bloodstream helping remove toxins that have built up in the body. You carry the smell around with you all day after too, this also helps to aid tired muscles..aids relaxation or even to pep you up during the day, depending on what oils are used.

You can use oils for Lavender, camomile.
Muscles.. Black Pepper
To lift your mood... orange, lemon and most citrus oils.
Tea tree is a good anti septic one too.

It is advised that you don't use essential oils straight on the skin. There are only 2 that can be and that is Lavender and Tea Tree. Also never to ingest them either unless you go to a qualified aromatherapist who deals in this field.
Also be advised that certain oils cannot be used if you suffer from epilepsy, pregnancy or high blood pressure.
Always make sure that when going for an aromatherapy massage that your therapist takes a detailed consultation from you and you have skin tests for the essential oils, as some people are sensitive to the oils.
12th February 2016

Its nearly valentines day, here at Sacred Spirit.We have some lovely gifts and treatments that you could treat your beloved too. Rose quartz is the stone of love and we have some beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Why not pamper that someone special with a Massage or a Reflexology treatment.

12th February 2016
Orgonites are the perfect way to lift energy's in the home or work can be used to charge crystals and block EMF. People notice their health improving, plants growing healthier too, negative energy transmuted into good vibes, prosperity increased, spiritual and psychic channels being openen. A general state of well being and peace, happiness and joy.
I'm happy to announce we are now selling orgonite towers, charge plates and EMF phone blockers. Each one has been lovingly hand made by Ashley with a variety of metals and crystals including Shungite whom we hope will be our supplier for many years to come available in our shop 17 Commercial Street Aberdare will be available to buy on our web site as of next week

Amethyst the stone of February
01st February 2016
Amethyst the stone of February,
It is a potent stone for spiritual healing and growth, and to aid you to beat addictions,helps sleeping patterns and useful for the prevention of nightmares
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31st January 2016
Rose Quartz stone of unconditional love that opens the heart chakra to all forms of love
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